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Financial Planning for a Divorce

Financial Planning for a Divorce
March 2024

Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, but a trusted financial adviser can provide expert advice on the long-term financial implications of separating.


Typically, divorcing couples only consult financial advisers after agreeing to a settlement. 40% of all people who divorce think the process ends up being financially unfair, yet only 7% seek financial advice (Legal and General).

By consulting a financial adviser early, they can help you to make crucial decisions.

A 50/50 split of assets sounds fair on paper, but this is not always the case. It’s likely that a couple’s future potential earnings and pension savings will differ post-separation, due to differences in careers, responsibilities and obligations.

Despite being such a large financial asset, pensions aren’t always valued correctly in divorce proceedings; a financial adviser can ensure they are.

Dividing cash savings is typically more straightforward than pensions. They often involve a simple transfer from one account to another, but ISAs often need different considerations.

Dividing investments can sometimes invoke tax liabilities e.g. Capital Gains Tax (CGT), so tax-efficient planning can help avoid charges.

Reviewing your financial objectives and lifestyle is a necessary step after divorce too.

It’s still possible to have a review with an adviser after a divorce or separation if you haven’t yet reached a legally binding agreement. You’d be surprised how many don’t realise this.

A cash-flow planning session – which assesses your assets, income and expenditure over time – can help establish realistic aspirations and investment decisions following a lump sum payment, or plans for any future funds.

Divorce is never easy. Involving a financial adviser early can help ease the process and find the best possible solution.


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