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Divorce Settlement

When relationships breakdown there are often many areas that need to be reviewed, including looking at your finances.

There are numerous little-known implications in high profile cases during wealth separation that require expert advice to make informed decisions.

Beacon Wealth Management Ltd provides advice to individuals about initiating or ongoing financial implications of the settlement proceedings. We help you to have a clear understanding of your assets.

Legal professionals can help with that side of proceedings however it is worth being mindful of the impact it has on your finances, as we can help access your portfolio, look at your allocation of assets during, and help place them after proceedings have taken place.

Pension Provisions

Pension provisions are legally required to be included in a divorce settlement, however, this can be overlooked or poorly understood if you do not seek expert advice, often leading to an incorrect valuation being used. Our pensions specialists can advise on the best way to review these, whether needing a second opinion or wanting us to look at it from the start.

Investments and Savings

Investments and Savings can be taken into account as part of your financial settlement in a divorce or separation, however some assets may be treated differently to others. An example of this is if you or your partner inherited or owned property prior to marriage or entering a civil partnership – this is something your solicitor will be able to fully advise on. Note that when looking to split savings there are also many different aspects to take into consideration including:

Cash ISAs can only be held by one person (not jointly), therefore if you want to give your ex-partner money from it you will have to take out the money you want to give them – you cannot transfer from ISA to ISA.
If cashing in or transferring your investments the figure quoted in your statements may not be the same amount you would get. Instead depending on the type of investment, the value might be the transfer or surrender value.

Cashing in Investments

This may not be the best option due to extra tax and charges that may apply, for example:

You may have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) if you cash in or sell an investment and make a profit. At Beacon Wealth Management Ltd we can help access how much of your CGT allowance is available to help minimise this (including ensuring any selling costs and fees are deducted first, as you do not have to pay tax on this).
We can help you to try and minimise any loss when selling share-based investments by not doing so when stock market is low.

Transferring or Selling Shares

You can either transfer shares that you own to your ex-partner or sell them so you can give them the money instead.

Giving Assets Away

Usually, you will have to pay your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when giving away assets that make a profit (above your allowance), but you can transfer investments such as shares to your ex-partner during divorce or dissolution, without paying CGT.

To qualify you will have to meet certain criteria which we can help you with.

Lump Sum Payments After Divorce

Unless you already know what you want to do with your lump sum then it is worth seeking independent financial advice as to the best options available, that meet your own wants and desires, for now and in the future. We understand that going through a divorce or separation can be very emotional and therefore it is important you seek the right advice, without feeling under pressure from anyone. At Beacon Wealth Management Ltd we will help guide you through the process of finding out what you now want from your life and how best to achieve it.

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