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Is your pension earning you enough to live the life you want, when you reach retirement?

Why shouldn’t you have the life you have paid for?

Retirees typically find they need less to live on in retirement because many have paid off mortgages, are no longer supporting a family and do not commute to work. You’ll typically need between half and two-thirds of the salary you earned before retirement to maintain your lifestyle.

In addition to retirement you should also seek guidance on other ways to make the most of your pension benefits i.e. income drawdown and phased retirement.

Making informed decisions and getting the right advice early plays a pivotal role in building a prosperous financial future.

Beacon Wealth Management Ltd provides tailored, up-to-date advice for you, from the whole of the market, based on your income requirements, attitude to risk and long-term financial goals.

There is a multitude of different ways to plan for retirement and our entire team of Financial Planners and Researchers are Pension Specialists (a qualification that is hard to get) so are expertly placed to provide retirement advice and offer a free initial meeting when contacting us.

Every Adviser and Paraplanner at Beacon Wealth Management Ltd is a qualified pension specialist.

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