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Bucket List

What is a bucket List?

Everyone has a bucket list, but for most people it is in their heads and a dream that they would like to be able to do some day. Your head is likely full of numerous things that you need to do and think about, which can often push items to the back of your mind, including those items that might make you even happier.

You work hard for your money and you should be able to enjoy it. This is where Beacon Wealth Management and your bucket list come into play. Beacon Wealth Management are here to help ensure your money is appropriately located so that you can live the life you want.

When discussing with clients what it is they want or need money for, the answers can often be about paying bills, having spending money for holidays and hobbies, and ensuring they have enough for retirement and their family. Whilst this is important, we also look at what will make you happy, what you value the most and what is truly important. These written answers often form your bucket list allowing you to start the journey to making your dreams a reality and holding you accountable to start ticking them off.

With this information Beacon Wealth Management can create a continually revised financial plan that takes your bucket list into consideration, and enable you to fulfil those dreams. One of our favourite parts of the job are sending clients away to tick an item off before we next meet, with them safe in the knowledge that they can do so without worrying. Bucket lists are bespoke to each individual and couple. They can include items such as retiring early, travelling, gifting, taking up a new hobby or restarting an old, spending more time with family, renovations or moving house, learning something new, charity work… the only limit is your imagination.

Life can seem short, especially when for many they don’t have the money to enable them to achieve their dreams until they are older. With a written bucket list and a financial plan that takes this into consideration you can start ticking those items off earlier than you may think, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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