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The Right Direction

The Right Direction
November 2022

The Right Direction

There are only seven colours in the rainbow and yet you gaze in wonder at the Sistine Chapel or works by the masters.
From just seven colours, you can create any shade. By mixing them you create a huge number of variables.
Consider also that there are just 26 letters in the alphabet. And yet, billions of different books, scripts, tweets etc. have been made simply by putting them in various layouts.
Then consider your life, and how many options you have been faced with, and the paths you have taken to end up where you are today. Good, bad, or indifferent, your life is as it is, but by making the next decision it could change completely.

Where are you?

Whatever your age, you would not have planned to be exactly as you are. Many, of course, have not planned at all and are where they are, more by accident, than by choice.
Now, however, is the time to look at where you are, where you want to be in the future, and what decisions you need to make to get you there.
Most decisions are limited, but each decision made can lead to another. So, why not let us help you plan? We can help you to decide what you want, what you really, really want.
Taking from your seven colours, assets, liability, income, expenditure, likes, dislikes, and responsibilities, we can formulate a financial plan tailored for your individual wants.
Whether you need more income to live the life you want, or the ability to make gifts, or provisions for old age; we can help.
Whether you are concerned by Inheritance Tax, or investing in an ethical/sustainable way, or protecting your loved ones; we can help.
No one has all the answers, or can think of all the variables, but we can provide most and can lead you in the right direction to get them.

If you wish to discuss financial planning, our highly qualified experts are here to help.

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