Many people fail to plan and live in the ‘now’

October 2022

Many people fail to plan and live in the ‘now’

We all came into this world, and we all know we will eventually have to leave it. This is not what ultimately defines our lives, but rather, it is what we do with the time that we have that defines us.

Often, as we see with many artists, the value of what they accomplished during their lives is only really valued after they die. This philosophy doesn’t only appertain to artists, but many of us.

Many of us fail to plan and live in the now…

Revelation 2:17 begins: “He that hath an ear, let him hear”, it does continue, but I want to express that what I often say is far from new. You need to hear what others say and learn from what they have (or have not) done.

Many accumulate wealth during their lifetime either by working hard, receiving an inheritance, or both. It is what you do with that wealth that determines your legacy- be that enjoying your life to the fullest or helping those near and dear to you.

We often hear of people receiving an inheritance who are surprised that, given the sum, the person leaving the money didn’t do more with their life. Or question, why didn’t that person provide the gift earlier? So that they can not only see but enjoy the relief that it has brought the recipient. Put simply, there could have been a more opportune time for gifting.

Many of my clients have more wealth than they will ever need…

They often struggle to change their lifestyle to incorporate these greater funds. So, if you find spending and gifting difficult, fear not, you are in the majority. Most of us grew up living within our means, so naturally, later in life, we are anxious about no longer earning an income and not knowing what we will need.

Much of my time is spent constructing financial plans for clients, then reviewing and tweaking them as the years roll on. Subsequently, a large number of clients are doing things they had not initially considered, for example, giving their children partial inheritances earlier to aid them during a time of large mortgages and expensive school/university fees.

Financial services are not only for the very wealthy…

They are useful to anyone uncertain if they have sufficient funds and need a plan. They can also benefit those who have retired or are planning for retirement, and are concerned with important areas such as Inheritance Tax Planning and preparing for care fees. Nevertheless, living in the now is very important, and doing things while you still can (or perhaps more importantly) while you still want to, is vital.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to navigate your finances alone. When it comes to planning and spending, seek the advice of experts. So, if you have an ear, why not hear what they have to say?

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