Limitation – Imagination

April 2022

Never be limited by other people’s imaginations – Mae C. Jemison

Many of us are in or approaching our longest holiday, by which I mean retirement. A holiday that may last, on average, 20 years.

This means that we need to build a number of things into our lives:

1. A sense of purpose
For 40 to 50 years we have worked in a role, often with others, where we could see the results of our actions. Now we need to have a new purpose or we could feel insignificant. The purpose doesn’t have to be huge or important and can be one of our own choosing.

2. Sufficient wealth
Not everything that brings joy to our lives costs money. In fact, many of the things that cost nothing bring the most pleasure. But having sufficient wealth can bring peace of mind and choice.

3. Maintaining cognitive health
Without continuing to use and stretch our brain it can lead to the slowing down and potential earlier signs of dementia.

Retirement is a huge part of our lives and one that we should either plan for, or if you are already there, make the most of.

Mentoring, teaching and volunteering are all areas that my clients become engaged in. But often retirement brings holidays and time to catch up on the jobs you have been putting off.

For many, once the initial worry of not working has been replaced with the euphoria of being retired and wondering why they didn’t do it before. The realisation of there just not being enough hours in the day comes in, and they wonder how they had time to work before.

It is a bit like when you have small children and the process you go through to go out anywhere causes you to question why it took so long before you had kids.

Part of my role as a Financial Planner is helping clients prepare for retirement, and to assist them in retirement with a purpose. This comes from reviewing assets, liabilities, income and expenditure.

You need a clear understanding to help your imagination.

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