Price vs Value

March 2022

Price vs Value

We usually know the price of most things, but actual value is sometimes difficult to calculate.

If you have paid for buildings and contents insurance for many years its price was known. But if you have never claimed, value is measured by peace of mind.

The price of an umbrella is known, but its value depends on whether it’s raining.

Fund Management

Fund management is similar, who would have paid top price for shares in travel companies or airlines over the last two years? But now confidence is growing that we can get away, they may offer a better option.
*May does not mean they will. This is not advice to buy travel company shares.

For a managed portfolio you need to consider things such as size of the company, the industry, past performance and managers skills. Sometimes the economy favours large, small or medium size companies, sometimes UK, European, American or Far Eastern.

Value often differs between shares that grow in value, against those that remain stable but pay a dividend.

Fund Switching

Fund switching is not something that can be looked at quarterly, half yearly or annually, as you will find yourself either missing the boat or staying too long; so constant management is required.

At Beacon we have three investment managers as part of the investment team. One for whole of market, one for Ethical and one who works on both, completing 15, 10 and three years service respectfully and they have a great track record, plus they are ably supported.

Beacon’s portfolios under their management recovered quickly from the crash last March, through a quick dash to cash and several timed flows back in to various funds.

Pensions and investments are often your largest asset, or second only to your home. You maintain your home but many ignore their investments as they are out of sight. I urge you to take action now.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” – Orson Swett Marden.

Our highly qualified experts are here to help, call us on 01480 869466 or visit our home page to find out more about us and how we can help you.

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