Hopefully by the time you read this we will see the world returning to some sort of normality with regards to simple tasks, such as filling the car with fuel….or will we?

COVID threw us all off track and we can all remember the shortages of toilet rolls and flour, caused by panic. Now when we hear of HGV shortages, stockpiling starts all over again.

As I write, it’s fuel shortages, although it’s not really is it? We apparently have sufficient fuel, we also have sufficient tanker drivers, with a waiting list of other drivers. It’s the press talking about a small percentage of garages being temporarily closed and a lack of drivers. The opposition blame the Government, the Government make unhelpful comments, and the public don’t know who to believe, panic and fill up their vehicles causing a shortage.

We live in a “now” world, where everything gets communicated instantly, whether it’s true or false sadly. This is the new world, good or bad, it’s for you to decide. What I do feel, however, is that panicking and cost increases are going to be par for the course from now on. We still see blips in inflation and changes to normal expenditure affecting our future plans.

We also see a change in the world of investment. My company have been short-listed for the third year running for best ESG adviser in the Money Marketing Awards. ESG stands for Ethical and Social Governance, which, despite us having run investment portfolios for 10 years, is now only just starting to become mainstream, albeit most have a lot to catch up in terms of systems and research.

I mention this, not just because I am proud of our internal Investment Team and double digit net growth, but as another example of the changing new world.

Clients new and old realise the world is changing, and want to be part of it. This is the reason we have attracted over £40 million to the Ethical portfolios over the last 12 months. The future is unwritten, and the better the investment approach, the easier you and your money can adapt to the changes.

If you wish to discuss the future of your investments please contact us on 01480 869466.

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