Virus or Plague?

February 2021

Coronavirus has a lot to answer for. It has taken the lives of loved ones who are likely to have lived a happy life for many years to come.
Hearing the daily figures on how many have died becomes a figure we expect to see, and if it goes down for a day we are pleased, but forget it the next day when it’s back up. But each number is a person, and each number is a family in grief.

The older generation recognise the importance of keeping safe, but there have been regular news reports of large house parties or secret gatherings of mainly younger people who think that they are immune and invincible.

This article is not to knock youngsters, the majority of whom are sensible, it is to say that older people recognise the importance of life and living life but see things as it really is; i.e 18 months of inconvenience out of a lifetime of perhaps 85 years, which represents just 2% of their life.

A new normal awaits us, where we recognise the importance of family and making happy memories. A time to realise that money is actually an enabler.

Memories do not need money, but try telling that to those without. Many of us have given time or money to help another or have been on the receiving end of kindness. Let those of us with some level of financial comfort not forget those who have not; perhaps that, family who are at the start of their life’s journey who could do with a bit of help or strangers in need.

You can’t take your money with you, and proper planning should ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of, both in your lifetime and after. But after a year and a half that we will have suffered, now is the time to sort out your priorities and make great memories for you and others.

If you feel you want a review to see your pensions and investments are doing what you want them to, call us.

I expect the latter part of the year to be busy as the vaccine takes control, Brexit settles and Biden starts to have some effect. Europe may be saddled with debt, but with interest rates and inflation low and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) expected to grow, 2021 could be an interesting time for potential growth (markets can go down as well as up).

Had the virus been called a plague, would so many have been blasé and continued to put themselves and others at risk? I will leave you to answer that. All I know is that I realise the importance of life and living more now than before, and my own finances are structured to do something about it…..can we help do the same for you?

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