Are You A Rabbit, a Sloth or Meerkat?

January 2021

We are the product of our behaviours and it can be difficult to change, even if you want to.
For many they will be happy as they are, regardless of what change could achieve. It’s not my place to make people change, I can, however, help if that’s what people want.

So let’s look at the three types listed in the title above:

A Rabbit can be fast moving but often isn’t. They stick to what they know and, although sometimes inquisitive, can become blinded by the headlights of information.

A Sloth does very little. They are happy in their own world and don’t really care what’s going on around them. They do as little as possible and could be described as one of life’s plodders. They are consistent and reliable.
A Meerkat sits up straight and looks around into the distance to evaluate their surroundings, then settles down to get involved in the task at hand. Constantly aware of what’s needed to react to a situation, and preparing in advance.

I prefer to think of myself as a meerkat. There are times when my wife may think of me as more of a sloth, but certainly a meerkat in business, and like a meerkat, I am surrounded by other meerkat’s at Beacon.
We are constantly looking around to see what’s on the horizon in advance. This is why as a company we were the first in Cambridgeshire to become Chartered, one of the first in the UK to ditch commission for fee’s, to set
up our own in-house investment team and to run ethical portfolio’s.

On this latter point, investors seem to only recently be thinking of the environment when it comes to their pensions and investments. We have been running our ethical portfolio’s for over 9 years, and the performance often outperforms the traditional returns without any extra risk. And as stated last month has beaten the FTSE over 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 years.

Have you decided which animal you are more like? Or what you want to be?
If it’s a meerkat, and you don’t want to miss what’s going on around you in the world that could improve your pensions, investments or lifestyles then contact us, we just may be able to help. Likewise, if you are a rabbit dazzled by information we can simplify things for you.

Telephone and video meetings available.
Complimentary first meeting, initial fees may apply which are typically a percentage of the investment.

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