How to invest to help the Planet

March 2020

While we might think about the money or property our children or grandchildren may one day inherit, how often do we consider the planet we will leave them?

From the plastic waste we litter the land and water with, to the toxic fumes we pump into the air, and a simple reflection on how producing such a short, sharp rise in CO2 over a tiny part of human history may destabilise the atmosphere, there’s enough evidence that it might be wise to hedge our bets and change our ways.

So what can we do?

There is a misconception that ‘going green’ is expensive. But you don’t need to spend thousands on solar panels or buy only pricey organic food to save the planet.
There are lots of simple ways to help the environment while also saving money.
How we spend, the influence we put on companies and where we invest our money can make a real difference.

Beacon Wealth Management Ltd has its own in-house investment team who look at environmentally friendly trusts and funds for people to invest their money, this is called ethical portfolio.

Ethical funds usually avoid companies that do harm to society like weapons manufacturers and tobacco companies. The team at Beacon Wealth Management Ltd look at the best investment platforms to help the environment whilst also earning you the most revenue on your invested funds, you are helping to save the planet for future generations and protecting your children or grandchildren’s future financially.

Are we truly invested?

Each year the ethical fund providers are ranked ‘best-in-class’, although returns are not guaranteed with any form of investing and you could get back less than you put in. Beacon Wealth Management Ltd outperformed the highest rank to get the top spot against registered peers, showing they are truly invested in giving back to the environment as well as getting the highest return on investment for their clients.

Not many small financial advisers have their own in-house investment team. I feel, as proved by our consistent performance, this is very important. We have outperformed our peers 2 years in 3 and continue our performance.

It costs nothing to talk to me and may cost your future self a lot more if you don’t, call me on 01480 869466

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