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Beacon has been selected for the Top 100 for New Model Adviser 2023

We are very proud to announce that Beacon Wealth Management has been honoured with the Citywire New Model Adviser Top 100 award for 2023. This marks the eleventh consecutive time we have received this recognition, and is testament to the hard work of our staff and the care we take with our clients.

“We want to highlight how some of the best firms in the country are thinking about offering value to clients,” explained Charles Walmsley, Editor of Citywire. “Whether it is changes to fees and disclosure in light of the consumer duty or the adoption of artificial intelligence, all these firms have interesting stories about how they are delivering financial advice in 2023.”

Citywire said of Beacon Wealth Management:

“Like all advice businesses, Beacon Wealth Management has been grappling with the FCA’s consumer duty this year. The firm has introduced three new service levels, with fresh terms for each one. In order to improve and confirm client understanding, the firm has changed its suitability reports; a new feature checks that clients understand the fees they pay and the service they can expect.

The firm, which is co-owned by managing director Tony Larkins and his wife Karen, plays an active role in the local community. As well as sponsoring events including Kimbolton’s fireworks and a local cricket match, Beacon raised £11,492 for Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice.”

A wealth of financial expertise

Top 100 for 10 Years Running!

We did it…..we are in the New Model Adviser Top 100 for the 10th year running!

“ESG is at the heart of everything Beacon Wealth Management does. In the past year, ESG made up 80% of the firm’s recommended funds and 56% of it’s assets under advice. Beacon has recently celebrated 10 years of it’s five risk-rated Ethical portfolios.

Beacon’s new campaign Greener Us has seen it review what it does as a company and make changes – big and small – to reduce it’s carbon footprint. This past year it planted a wildflower meadow for the local community, built bug hotels in the office garden and installed smart metres.

Beacon has a task force called the ‘Good to Great’ team, whose role is to continaully explore the client and staff experience to find opportunities for improvement. Managing Director, Tony Larkins, heavily invests in the team and in staff training as he believes employees are the company’s most important asset. “

A wealth of financial expertise

Top 100 for the 9th year!

We have made the New Model Adviser Top 100 for the nineth year running!!
“Beacon Wealth Management has invested £2m in the local community over the years to help keep shops and offices open to small businesses, prevent the residential conversion of a local pub and support many local initiatives.
Community involvement has been a key focus during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its ‘every superhero needs a sidekick’ campaign highlighted and thanked caring locals. Beacon bought a customised bench for a local park and planted a pictorial wildflower meadow, spanning 540 square metres, to recognise community spirit during lockdown and provide a place for those affected by it.
Its support has extended to taking over a section of a popular local magazine to save it from going out of business and sponsoring four local sports clubs that have suffered during Covid.
Beacon started its own ethical portfolios in 2011. Although less than half of its assets are in ESG portfolios, they accounted for 95% of fund recommendations over the past year.”
A wealth of financial expertise

Armed Forces Covenant Recognition

We are excited to announce that we have been recognised by the Ministry of Defence for our support to the armed forces, and been awarded an Armed Forces Covenant.

We are offering past and current armed forces personnel and their families 10% discount (fees dependent on service provided) upon showing valid ID.

‘We don’t shout a lot about the things we do, as we do it for the right reasons, not for recognition, and therefore support areas that we feel are important to us, our team and clients. To be recognised for an aspect of that is fantastic, and testament to our Managing Director, Tony Larkins, dedication to doing good and helping others.’ Commented Katie Kitson, Beacon Wealth Management Marketing Consultant.

‘It is an honour to be recognised.’ commented Tony Larkins Managing Director.

We are entering the Remembrance celebrations with the slogan ‘Proudly wearing ours’ and hope many of you will also be doing to same.

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One of the best solicitors in the UK

Beacon Wealth Legal, situated in St Neots, St Ives, Sawtry and Kimbolton have just been announced as one of the best solicitors in the UK at the Modern Law Awards, held on Thursday 6th February.

 Like many award ceremonies there were numerous categories available, and Beacon Wealth Legal were chosen for ABS of the Year. The criteria to be considered included showing successful implementation of strategic goals as demonstrated, for example by development of new practice areas, financial performance and community involvement, reflecting the size of the business.

As a proactive company within the community, last year sponsoring St Neots Armed Forces Weekend, running their own not for profit local community events such as an Easter Egg Hunt in St Ives (due to return again this year), and sponsoring local events and societies.

Beacon Wealth Legal have also recently introduced a brand-new service – Immigration, headed up by a very experienced and successful solicitor Alex Adeyemo.

Managing Director, Tony Larkins attended the prestigious evening in Manchester; “It is brilliant that our team have been recognised for their hard work and dedication. There is a lot of competition within law and to be singled out as one of the best firms in the UK is an enormous achievement, and one I am very proud of our team to have been highlighted for.”

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Legal Firm Shortlisted

Beacon Wealth Legal have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Modern Law Awards as ABS of the Year!!

The Modern Law Awards offer a unique and timely opportunity to celebrate not only innovative business leaders, but those changing the face of business strategy and development, regulation management and client care throughout the organisation.

The award Beacon Wealth Legal have been shortlisted for is ABS (Alternative Business Structures) of the year. Beacon have been selected as they demonstrate a successful implementation of strategic goals, for example by development of new practice areas and community involvement, reflecting the size of the business.

The awards take place on Thursday 6th February 2020, where the winner will be announced.

Tony Larkins, Group managing director, Beacon Wealth Group commented; “Beacon Wealth Legal has grown a lot since 2015 having taken over 2 different practices. Despite this our team are motivated and have been instrumental in the creation of departments. They are proud to be a part of the Beacon family as we continually focus on improving to our client’s best interests.”


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Beacon Wealth Group awarded Best Business at St Ives Carnival

Beacon Wealth Group have been awarded Best Business at the St Ives Carnival that took place on Saturday 13th July 2019.

Beacon Wealth Group (made up of Beacon Wealth Management and Beacon Wealth Legal) were proud to take part in the St Ives parade as they celebrate 20 years of the Carnival and Music Festival at Hill Rise Park.

The St Ives Carnival and Music Festival is the biggest free community event in St Ives and takes place over 3 days: outdoor cinema on Friday 12th July, Carnival, Parade and Proms in the park on Saturday 13th July, and a Music Festival on Sunday 14th July.

Tony Larkins, Group Managing Director commented; “Beacon Wealth Group are keen supporters of the community and were proud to take part in the parade and to help celebrate their 20th anniversary of the carnival and even more proud to have won Best Company, our Marketing team did a fantastic job.”

Distinctively recognisable in their gold dresses and blue headbands, the marketing team took part on foot (in heels) carrying a large flag and handing out hundreds of freebies to all the spectators.

Katie Kitson, Chartered Marketing Manager, commented; “It was a great event and a real show of community spirit. We all had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone’s faces when handing out the freebies. It was a fantastic community event.”

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