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June 2021

The letters are the same and so can be the end result.
Most of us spend our time rushing from one thing to the next, but for many lockdown has created a slower speed of life.
Time may be the one true constant, but by not going out or meeting others there suddenly seems to be more of it. More time to think, read and listen.
Nature has used the last 12 months to re-establish itself and whether there is, or if it’s the silence on the roads, I can hear more bird song.
This has been a time to review and reflect. Through the silence we can listen to ourselves and discover what we like to do and what we really miss.
There is a time when we get older that we consider what we have done in our lives and what we still want to do while we can.
As a young teenager I was very fit and an accomplished runner, and despite now being 60 most of my school records remain. I am now unfit and realise NOW is possibly the time to regain some fitness.
I used to do most things quickly, a bit of a Billy the Whizz, but now reading, relaxing and writing create a more pleasurable lifestyle.
I think I have found the life I want but have you, or are you still metaphorically running to try to keep up rather than taking time to look around at the wonders you could be enjoying?
My desired lifestyle doesn’t need lots of money, although it obviously helps, neither may yours.
Have a review of your life and your finances and see what’s important and if or when it’s achievable. There is no point being a busy fool or the richest person in the graveyard, when you can listen to silence and hear the real you.
Carrying out reviews and helping others change gives me great satisfaction. My way of working has naturally spread amongst others within the Beacon family and all advisers work in a similar way.
Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees, or as my wife says, when she asks me to get something from the fridge, that I can’t see “it’s right in front of you”. If you need some assistance getting through the trees to the wood, please contact us for a personal review.

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